About Heart’s Joy®

I started doing this work to solve my own dilemma – How to live a life I love and be well?  I had lost my joy.  Joy is defined as the emotion evoked by well-being.  Our Heart’s Joy® is what makes us come alive.

In the midst of a very successful sales career, I was inspired to use my talent with photography and writing to inspire others.  That experience birthed a dream to publish an inspirational photobook. Creating and publishing my ‘dreambook’, Soul Work: Excerpts From My Journey, reconnected me to my Heart’s Joy® of photography and writing.  I came alive.  I learned that honoring my heart was about Self-love, Self-acceptance and Self-care. I found it to be a path to wellness, well-being and joy.

Transformed by my own experience, I continued doing the work for myself and began sharing the work. I design and facilitate insightful programs that help us reconnect with our hearts.  I imagine a world filled with people who have come alive – joyful people.  I believe this work of honoring ourselves, honoring our hearts serves us all. Self-love is the first love and the precursor to romantic love (of another) and compassionate love (of all).

Today, I am living a life I love and I am well.  I am practicing listening to my heart and honoring it daily.  I am choosing joy.  I am living my Heart’s Joy® and helping others do the same.   My intention is to be of an excellent service. This is the story of Heart’s Joy®.


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