Be Present, Be Playful

Sharing an excerpt from my journey….

I began to feel more comfortable as a Mommy in the eighth month.   I think that since we realized we were pregnant, I’d been trying to do everything ‘right’- prenatal care, delivery, nursing, etc.  By the seventh month, I was too exhausted to do everything ‘right’.  My husband encouraged me to relax and just do the best I could.  Exhaustion left me no choice.

Exhaustion made space for enlightenment.  Surrender.   In that moment, when all I want to do is fix it or finish it, I see my daughter and I try to remember the sacredness of the moment.   In the height of the struggle, I am asked to surrender.  Love asks me to surrender to the moment and the richness that it holds for me.  I watch her curiosity and play and am captivated by her joy and enthusiasm.  I take a unique lesson from Mommyhood- be present, be playful.

I remember that I won’t live this moment again and ask myself if this obsession to finish my thought, my sentence, my work is as important as this moment that we are sharing.  What is more important than the invitation staring me in the face?  Come play with me.  Come play with me and remember how to play with life, how to relish all of the ill-timed moments and unexpected graces.  Life is a chaotic dance to a purposeful rhythm.  Stop trying to organize it so well.  I can show you.  Just follow my lead.

A child seems to be my panacea for perfectionism.  Surrender all of the angst and simply be present. Surrender to her.  Now, my favorite part of the day is waking up to Sarah Elizabeth’s smile and her sheer enthusiasm at discovering that I’m there to greet her as she wakes.  She looks like she’s just won the Lotto.  The truth of the matter is that I have and her smile reminds me of that every day.  I couldn’t ask for a better, sweeter teacher.  Remember Mommy, be present, be playful.

I am called to be present and playful in all areas of my life.  Some of the steps I’ve taken to be present and playful are:

1.  Slow down.

2.  Simplify. Lighten my ‘To Do’ list.  Leave room to savor the unexpected.

3.  Focus on what is in front of me – the person(s) or the task.

4.  Unplug. Take a break from email and social networking.   Create space for relationship.

5.  Lighten up.

6.  Have fun. Engage in activities that make my heart leap.

Consider the wisdom of your path.   Your journey is crafted to bring you your highest good.

Wishing you love, joy and peace,


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