I AM Choosing Joy

I am personally practicing choosing joy in my everyday life. I am choosing not to wait for Friday, the weekend or for when I retire.   I am setting my sights on today, everyday.

As I noticed myself constantly frustrated in my morning routine with my daughter, I knew it was time to revisit my practice.  I desired to be in harmony with my daughter in the morning yet my experience was stress, frustration and growing resentment.   What to do?

For me, the first step was to be intentional and define what I wanted this experience to be. Of course, frustration and stress were not in the running.  I desired a harmonious flow with my daughter in the morning.

My second step was to look at how I was contributing to the experience of stress and disharmony.  Who did I need to be to have a different experience?  I needed to be aware and to be organized.

My third step was to practice.  In the practice of being aware and being organized, I did a few things differently. I began giving her my full attention as we began our routine and allowed time for her to transition from one step to the next. I also began giving myself  time to prepare myself for the day and organize the items we were taking with us.

For me, the experience shifted almost immediately from frustration to joy.  Voila!   Being aware and being organized were the right practices for me.  She got what she needed and so did I.

Do I still get frustrated? Yes, but much less so.  I am enjoying the morning with my daughter.   My practices have transformed my experience.   As I honor my needs and her needs, our experience is more relaxed and playful.

Although I began my practice in the area of parenting, I can apply this learning to any aspect of my life- my daily work, my marriage, my family etc.  The field is wide open. There are countless opportunities for me to allow more joy into my life.

I invite you to consider choosing joy today.  Joy is readily available.

Choose joy!



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