No Doubt

In the anticipation of the New Year, many of us created vibrant visions of our life in 2014 and beyond.    Holiday festivities are behind us and we are now starting the work of bringing those visions to life.  As I engage in my own work, I am looking deeper into the question of how to move unfettered by fears that are based in past reality.  Here is a simple process that I am using to move through fear:

1. Name it. Name the fear that arises. Follow it back to its origin- the experience that makes it ‘real’ for you.   Acknowledge yourself for what you learned through that experience.  Determine how you can apply those lessons to the current situation that is triggering the fear.  Short circuit the cycle of fear by focusing on what is happening NOW.  Leave the past in the past.   Focus on how you can apply what you learned  NOW.   Apply the learning and move forward.

2. Act as if. Step into your vision NOW. Concentrate on what you’re currently co-creating.  See it all around you.  Feel yourself living your dream.  Act as if it is already.  As you connect to the emotion, notice the surge of energy.  There is excitement and peace.   In that space, there is no doubt.  In that space of being connected to your vision, you are connected to God and all existence.  You are experiencing yourself as a ray of divine light.  You are love and light in action.  Living your vision is a natural expression of who you are.   Start doing whatever you can today that is aligned with your vision.  Do one thing at a time.  Bringing your vision to life is not a race but a journey.   Focus on moving forward.

3. Affirm daily. Create a personal statement that affirms you living your vision.  Say it daily.  When you encounter doubt, affirm your truth.  The mantra serves to anchor you in that space of connection.

I am wishing you well along your journey.  I hope this process serves you.

In joy and peace,
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