On the Verge of Crazee Daily

Sound familiar??  This summer when circumstances beyond my control left me with very little downtime, I described my experience to a friend as being ‘on the verge of crazee daily’.  Although I’m a Coach, I’m not immune to overwhelm and stress. I felt stressed, angry and powerless. In order to survive my circumstance, I focused on controlling the one thing that I could- my Self-care.  I began to gradually implement a series Self-care practices to nurture my well-being.  Each small act of Self-care restored my joy and peace.  Although the circumstance remained, I had a Self-care strategy to survive it.  Here are the ten Self-care practices I chose to implement:

1. Scale back. – Be proactive and pare down commitments to essential tasks.  Prioritizing enhances focus and conserves energy.

2. Add 30. – I sometimes fail to give myself enough time to complete an errand or task.  Adding an extra 30-minute buffer keeps me on schedule and keeps stress at bay.

3. Stay connected. You are not alone. Remember to tap into the wealth of emotional and spiritual support available from God, family and friends.

4. Ask for support. Make specific requests and allow others to support you.

5. Take a deep breath. Breath work is a simple and powerful practice.  Taking a series of deep breaths not only clears our lungs, but also clears our minds and calms our nervous system.

6. Get moving. Physical exercise releases endorphins and helps to reduce stress.The Mayo Clinic confirms that exercise improves mood – “physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.”

7. Listen up. Life-affirming sounds and language raise your vibration and your mood.

8. Take the scenic route.  Choose less congested roadways that offer tree lined views to create a more relaxing drive.

9. Remember the truth. The truth is that all is well and this too shall pass.

10. Get some rest. Prepare for a restful sleep.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends “a dark room, comfortable bed and room temperature that is not too hot or too cold.

Be well.

In joy and peace,


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