Receiving Our Best!

With the start the new year, many of us have made resolutions and set goals for 2016. I have, too! What I’ve been practicing for several years now is focusing my attention on who I am being to achieve the success I desire. In my growing practice, I am asking a new question – “Am I willing to be receptive to all the good available to me this year?”

Through group discussion and my own personal reflection, I find that we hold a myriad of notions about receiving- receiving anything from anyone. Some of the thoughts that have been shared include: weak, vulnerable, generous, friends, I should be able to do it myself, stubborn, warmth. It’s a varied lot.

What is striking to me about our notions, including my own, is the internal conflict between our wanting the best and our belief that there is something ‘not right’ about receiving our best or anything else from anyone for that matter. We can give but we cannot receive. It seems that we are getting in our own way and, perhaps, in the way of our success.  Our good may be coming (to us) through another.

So, this is a timely reflection. With nearly the whole year ahead of us, we can take this opportunity to look deeper into our desires and our beliefs about receiving our desires. If we experience a conflict, we can adjust our thoughts and beliefs and allow ourselves to receive our best.  Prosperity has many forms.

Observe your responses to the generosity of others that may show up as new ideas, compliments, feedback, referrals, gifts, support, help, prayers, recommendations, freebies, discounts etc. I am clear about the ones that I receive easily and the ones that make me uncomfortable or that generate an almost unconscious reflex-response of some form of “No.”

My work is to look deeper inside of my discomfort and be present to the truth that another is trying (if I let them) to bless me with their gift.   My choice is to be receptive or not.  Who am I willing to be?  I am practicing being receptive and grateful.

In the receiving of another’s gift, I am giving.   I am giving them the opportunity to be generous.  We are, in fact, being generous to one another.

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin- Prosperity.   May we enjoy them both this year and be blessed in receiving our heart’s desires!

In love and light,


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