Saying, “No.” to Live Your “Yes!”

Earlier this month I had a great opportunity to practice being focused.

A new opportunity came my way and I was excited. My immediate thought was to decline the offer, but I decided to experiment. I agreed to proceed so I would gain more information and, as a result, be better equipped to determine if such opportunities were a good fit for me.

Sure enough after my experiment, another similar opportunity arose. This time, I did decline.   Although I was clear that the opportunity was not the best fit for me, I was struck by the sense of anguish I experienced in speaking my truth.   Despite my absolute knowing that saying “No.” to that opportunity was, in fact, my saying “Yes!” to my priorities, I struggled.

My insight is that we often equate declining an opportunity with being incapable.  In fact, saying, “No.” represents our choice not our capability. I advocate choosing consciously and encourage my clients to choose based on their values and heart’s desire, not solely their capability.

We are magnificent beings equipped with a multitude of talents and gifts. We are capable of many things. I find that simply doing because I can does not serve me. What does serve me is being conscious about my values and my vision for my life and living in alignment to them.

For me it became clear that saying, “No.” to that opportunity was, in fact, living my “Yes!” to being the fullest expression of who I am.

Consider where saying, “No.” allows you to live your “Yes!



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