Self-Care for the Empowered Woman

Last week I was graced with the opportunity to speak to an audience of empowered women and men of the National Association of Professional Women and Girls,Inc.

I shared 3 Self-Care practices that I personally use and recommend to my clients.  As I have received several requests for the list, I’ve decided to share them on my blog.  I find that these 3 practices are a great place to start taking care of ourselves so we can thrive:

1. The practice of being accepting of ourselves. In this practice, we are asked to see ourselves fully and embrace all aspects of ourselves.  As a part of the practice, I invite you to let go of judging yourself.  We are each doing the best we can with the understanding we have.  I also invite you to let go of the false thought that you are not enough.  The truth is that you are enough.

2. The practice of being loving to ourselves. The second practice invites us to be kind and gentle to ourselves. Consider taking care of yourself as you would a small child- planning nourishing meals, making sure you get plenty of rest, offering words of encouragement, reserving time for play and play dates and showing yourself love and affection.

3. The practice of being fully self-expressed. The final practice invites us to be true to who we are in our expression. In addition to expressing through our outward appearance, the practice invites us speak up for ourselves.  I invite you to say what needs to be said and ask for what you want. Being fully self-expressed in a responsible way is liberating and relieves the tension of carrying undelivered communications.

Be all that you are and be well.

In love and peace,


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