The Power to Bless Others

Through the course of my own personal study and development, I encountered a Meditation by poet, James Dillet Freeman (1912-2003) which I use as a guide to find the stillness within myself. The closing thought expressed in this beautiful meditation is the idea that we have the power to bless others… “The power to bless others is yours. Receive and rejoice!”

I could not imagine that I had the power to bless another. In the past, I thought only a priest or ordained person had the authority to bless. The definition of the word bless that resonates with me is the action expressed as “conferring prosperity or happiness upon”. In this context, blessing another is an ordinary act (available to all of us) with an extraordinary impact.

A blessing can be initiated by any of us. When we share ourselves, our gifts, and our talents, we bless one another. The power to bless others is inherent in our being.

Here are a few practice examples of how we can bless others daily:

1. Being who you are. Stay true to you. You’re enough.
2. Being present. Give of yourself.   Be present to and for others.
3. Being excellent, not perfect. Give your best. You make a difference.
4. Being compassionate. Express loving kindness – a smile, a kind word, an open ear, patience.

I am eternally grateful for the myriad of blessings I have received from others. My experiences of receiving others’ generosity, compassion and their best impart my knowingness that we do have the authority and the capacity to bless others.

Know yourself to be a powerful blessing. The power to bless others is yours! Receive and rejoice!

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