‘Tis the Season for Self-Care

The week before Christmas our whole family was sick with the flu.  It was not how I envisioned spending the holiday season.  In my growing awareness, I realize that my sickness was a telltale sign indicating that I needed to take better care of myself.

I have come to recognize 3 telltale signs that signal that I am in need of Self-care.  Maybe you’ve started to notice your own telltale signs?  My 3 telltale signs that I am in need of Self-care are:

  1. weight gain
  2. sickness
  3. being externally focused

Weight gain – when I see my weight (and corresponding body mass index (BMI) ) increase more than a few pounds, I know something is up.  For me it is usually a sign that I am not being intentional about what I am putting into my body.  There’s also a good chance that I am not being intentional about moving.  It’s all very easily fixed.  Simply pay attention and be intentional.  As I return to my intention and attention to my Self-care and pick-up my practice again, I witness my weight returning to my normal range.

Sickness – Feeling tired and rundown is the precursor which signals that I am not getting the rest, nutrition and exercise I need.   If I don’t pay attention and miss the sign, sickness is sure to follow.  As I bring my intention and attention to rest, nutrition and exercise in my Self-care practice, I begin to recover my health and energy.

Being externally focused – When I am out of my normal Self-care practices, I find myself comparing myself to others and seeking validation outside of myself.  That is a sure sign that I am not centered in my authentic power.  What works best for me is to draw my attention inward.  I practice nurturing my mind and my spirit with positive, life-affirming words and music.

If this season finds you feeling a little off-center, consider that you may be in need of a little Self-care.  Here are 3 simple steps you can take today:

1. Make yourself a priority.
Prioritize whatever you need to do to take care of you today.

2. Be intentional about how you nurture your mind, body and spirit.                                           Make conscious choices about the food you eat, the company you keep and the thoughts you think.  Don’t let anything into your precious temple.

3. Feed your mind positive, life-affirming thoughts.                                                                             Create your own affirmations or look for Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards and Can Do It Cards.  I create my own affirmations and use her cards. I highly recommend both.

I am so excited to be feeling better and just in time to savor the last days of 2014.One of the most precious gifts I gave myself this Christmas season was my Self-care practice.   I feel amazing!

Consider giving yourself the gift of Self-care today and everyday.  You’re worth it!

In love and peace,


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