“I want to commend you on your book–it is just awesome!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the passages and viewing your photographs. Your book is very inspiring and spiritual. I especially enjoyed reading the Chapter looking for Mr. Right…Your book has truly inspired me. I will definitely be ordering some additional copies of your book.”


“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I found it quite amazing that a book so short could move so many emotions…since closing the book I have been wondering how my own journey has evolved.”


“It is a rare gift when someone can express their personality and pour their life energy into a unique body of work. I find the pictures and passages from Soul Work both relaxing and reflective. Jan’s willingness and ability to share a personal passion is inspiring to say the least.”

—Tawaina Turner-Dones, Singapore

“Reading your book was inspirational and motivating for me. I particular enjoyed reading the poem about nurturing your garden, I enjoyed it so much that I use it as a guide to follow in the professional setting and personal use as well. I even photocopied the poem from the book and paste it up on the wall in my office. I can especially relate to it, because it’s so true. Thanks”>


“I just love your book! This book made me want to go to all the places that are listed in the book. The pictures are beautiful and they are inspiring!!”


“For several reasons it really hit home for me. When it arrived my neighbor and I sat on the front porch reading it out loud to one another and had several “ah-ha” moments. It is a very special book and having you sign it makes it all that more special.”


“I was completely blown away by your creation. I sat with my coffee this morning and read it cover to cover and gazed at your gorgeous art work this morning…The book is shiny, elegant and impressive. The photographs are surprising, clear, clean, powerful and so beautifully colorful. The earth angels were exceptional!!!”


“Thank you so much for writing your book! I took it out this morning intending to browse and ended up reading everything from cover to cover. It has truly blessed and touched my soul. The lessons learned along the journey are exactly the ones that I have learned and couldn’t put it into words. Thank you for listening to Spirit and publishing this book.”


“I am thoroughly enjoying your book. It was a nice present for my 40th birthday. I will be sure to share it with my friends and family.”


“Jan, I’ve enjoyed your book so much! I could certainly identify with some of the narratives. You’ve got a fantastic talent! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!!!”


“I really love the excerpts from “In the Garden”, my favorite part was the parallel made between removing the dead and decay from your gardens both outside and inside. The pictures of the bougainvillaeas refreshed my soul!”


“The book was simply awesome! We were blown away by the vibrant colors on each page, and the touching words took us on a heartfelt journey.”


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