Thriving From the Inside Out!


December 1-2, 2017   –  3rd Annual Heart’s Joy Restorative Retreat

Are you feeling battered and bruised by the headlines?

Are you burned out, dressed out or in need of a break?

Are you finding yourself annoyed, cranky or resentful of others?

Are you ready to get back to joy!

If you responded to any of these questions with “YES!“, then join us.

Click here to learn more and register.  Registration open through Monday, November 20.


Heart’s Joy® Individual Programs are designed to support you in following your heart. I followed my heart to create a life I love. I am living my Heart’s Joy® and supporting others in doing the same.

Individual Programs are a small group experience designed to give you the space to reflect on your heart’s desire and the tools to take the next step to manifest it. Individual Programs are infused with encouragement and coaching to support you in honoring and following your heart. It’s an incredibly powerful way to live!

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