Why Heart’s Joy® Programs?

Heart’s Joy® Programs are uniquely designed to:

  • Hold a Space for Possibility
    Heart’s Joy® Programs offer a ‘lab’ environment that allow the greatest possibilities to emerge for the audience. The audience is encouraged to explore, express and experiment.
  • Leverage Heart-Wisdom
    Heart’s Joy® Programs draw awareness inward to access heart-wisdom to inform our choices. With increased awareness, we are able make Conscious Choices™ that maximize our effectiveness and well-being. Heart’s Joy® Programs encourage and promote self-responsibility.
  • Foster Alignment
    Heart’s Joy® Programs foster alignment of our being and our doing to manifest the outcomes we desire – success.
  • Promote Practice and Practices
    Practice makes ease. Forget perfection. Heart’s Joy® Programs encourage mindful repeated action – personalized practices- to yield sustainable outcomes and life-long learning.

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